We’ve had the privilege of working with so many great artists and musicians over the years. Thank you for choosing Sound Machine Studio!


Lost and Faded
Jimmy Willden Band
Novum Collective
Rendered Heartless
Mexicana and the Monster Squad
Beau Walker Band
The Story Worship
Lighter Ray
The Amazing Octopi
The Reely Rotnz
Raised to Life
KG Williams Band
Beach Stone Rise
Peace and Quiet
Independent Thieves
The Chase
Whitness By Proxy
Zombie King
Palacios Bros.
Hope and Hostility
The Odd Fellas
Cupid’s Victim
I Five 1
Scripture 11
Misguided Noise
The Weekenders
The Mystics
Southern Scarred
Buck and Cosmo
The Good Heart
Whiskey Romance Band
Laid Back
Tin Speed
Anchor Babies
Honest Archie
Defiled Creation
Analog Earth
Rob J. Band
Hollow Point
The Hunters and Gatherers
The Most
Darker Days
This Year's Fashion
Sorrows to Blame
Brightly Feathered Ones
Lesson Before Dying
Forever Lies the King
David Hancock
The Illuminous
Charles Longoria and the Avengers
Cat House
The Modern Rapids
Subject to Change
Night Light
Chasing Grace
Weekend Thieves
Greylight Society
Be Ever Mine
Soviet Spies
Swing the Lead
The Rockin Extensions
Friends Like Us
Max Allen and the Voodoo Bros.
Cold Shot
Fight the World
Sons of the South
Smooth Sailing
Ifram Noj
Road Home
Lazy Eye
Victory By Birthright
Whiskey Romance Band
Forever Lies The King

Solo Artists

Dave Moore
Nathan Bonnes
Jake Ward
Robert Ray
Rita West
Melissa Brooke
Lauren Leiter
Johnny Rodriguez
Steven Hansen
Wendell Kimbrough
Justin Fira
Garret Wieland
Danielle Noonan
Matt Lewis
Matt Frye
Zac Trey
Chris Wilson
Morgan Ashley
Shayna Sands
Mitch Hackleman
Gabby Banzon
John Michael Mirez
Mick Boudreau
Steven Joubert
Melissa Ann
Fabian Rivera
Denis Labrie
Lee Bucker
Mike Stites
John Ramirez
David Theis
Gary Hill
Luke Prater
Cathy Harrison
Jesse Garcia
Andrew Duge
George Acasta
Walton Cooper
Kara Dubois
Robby Brown
Krissy Heavin
Larry Overton
Jim Colangelo
Aziz Zuniga
Lucas Oswald
Jose Melindez
Corey Glassey

Business & Non-profit

94.7 Badlands
Fullness of Truth Ministries
Flour Bluff ISD
Camp Zephyr
Play Faire Park
University Interscholastic League
Body of Christ Ministries
Harbor Playhouse
Adore Ministries
Bridgeway Church
Most Precious Blood Catholic Church
South Coast Music Festival